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Release 0.1 October 24, 2009

Posted by Andor Salga in Open Source, Processing.js.

For the past couple of weeks I have been familiarizing myself with the Processing and Processing.js libraries. While learning the Processing.js library, I wrote some small demos including a 3D Processing demo and a ‘3D’ cube Processing.js demo based on Alistair MacDonald’s Disco demo. After another few weeks of playing with the library, I wrote some functions which required implementation for Processing.js. I also created two (slightly buggy) demos which make use of the functions I wrote. Here they are:

Line Lengths
Processing Poetry

These two demos are a part of my 0.1 release for my DPS909 class at Seneca College.

0.1 Deliverables

For 0.2

I already signed up for a bunch of other functions which need to be implemented for 0.2.

  • lights()
  • noLights()
  • pointLight()
  • ambientLight()
  • directionalLight()
  • binary()
  • sort()
  • resetMatrix()
  • bezierDetail()
  • bezierPoint()
  • bezierTangent()

It’s unlikely I’ll be able to complete all of these for 0.2, so I will focus on completing lights(), noLights(), ambientLight(), directionalLight() and pointLight() first before moving onto the other functions.


1. aSydiK - October 24, 2009

WOW… those demos just blow me away… and mine just won’t be able to compare… good work though.

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