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XB PointStream 0.75 Released July 21, 2011

Posted by Andor Salga in Open Source, webgl, Arius3D, XB PointStream, point cloud.

I spent the past couple of days debating whether I should do a release of XB PointStream. I had all my tickets done for 0.75, but I felt I should add more functionality or fix just one more bug. It can be difficult trying to determine what’s “enough” for the next release of an open source project. It’s something I’m still trying to figure out.

Until that happens, here is 0.75!

In this release I spent most of my time working on the point cloud parsers. I wrote a PLY parser, cleaned up the ASC parser and broke apart and rewrote the PSI parser into two sub-parsers.

All the shaders in the project used to live in string literals. I took care of that problem so the shaders are now much easier to maintain. The necessary code change was minimal, but the impact on the project is rather large. I’m happy I finally freed myself of this burden.

I also began work on creating a proper fixed function emulation shader which I figured users would want.

With that, I’m excited to start working on tickets for 0.8!


1. Reuben Reyes - July 28, 2011

Andor Salga,

I cant thank you enough for the work done on the XB PointStream 0.75 version. I have tested both the ascii, PSI, and your new PLY formats and all work great. Keep up the great work.


2. Andor Salga - July 30, 2011

Hi Reuben,
Glad to hear it! If you have any demos you want to show off, I’d love to add them to the wiki page.

3. Reuben Reyes - August 1, 2011

Here is one of the 1st ones i did it is a copy of your examples with shading and added zoom (up down) arrow keys and changing point size with the right left arrow keys.


At work we have many examples only 3 are ready for the public, note the URL locations may change:

This one is only a color point cloud (no shading) from a talk.

This one is sections from elevation data from Mars, includes color image, color elevation, and shading.

This one is sections and the full data set (11.5 million points) of South Padre Island (color and shading). May take a while to load the 11.5 million point data set and if you have a low end computer/graphics card it may not load:

Once the other data sets (using 0.75) are released will also post. As you can tell all relied heavily on your examples.


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